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Videography has always been one of my passions.  Having worked in still photography gave me the “eye” needed to get the best shots possible through the lens of any camera.  And I admit it, I simply love being around television equipment!  As an experienced Videographer, having operated ENG, Studio to DSLR cameras, I have shot endless award-winning news stories, features, documentaries, corporate events, red carpet premieres, commercials and product shoots.


As an Editor, I have also honed the craft of non-linear editing with proficiency in both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.  My professionally shot and edited pieces have been produced for Live on-air network affiliate newscasts, talk shows, and award shows to top level corporate executive presentations and international corporate marketing videos.


Dedicated to the process of creative collaboration to celebrate life and human achievement, I utilize the visual arts as a vehicle to motivate our culture and fortify our society. Driven by passion and persistence for total success, I aim to create meaningful content that connects, reflects, and progresses our understanding of the world we all share together.

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